Jaroslaw Kaczynski
Author : Maciej Hibner
A1 vertical = 23" x 33" (58.5 x 84 cm), color offset
Value : $ 1000* ++
Film : Polish (ZRF Syrena)
Directed by Jan Batory
Starring : Jaroslaw** & Lech Kaczynski***, Ludwik Benoit, Helena Grossowna, Janusz Strachocki

  * as of 10-23-05 (43 years after their movie debut) the starring midget twins have been tossed high indeed :
Lech is President and Jaroslaw the Prime Minister of Poland.. A Polish joke to end them all ?

  **.. not exactly, as Jaroslaw (and his Pis [sic] party) has been kicked out of power on 10-21-07.

  ***.. not exactly again, as Lech (the President) was killed in a plane crash on 4-10-10 while landing in thick fog at a provincial Russian airfield. With alternative airports 200 km from waiting limos and his bosses yelling vodka-fueled encouragement, the pilot attempted 4 approaches...

  ***.. on the other hand, the crash was the result of massive conspiracy involving Putin, Obama, Osama, freemasons, Jews, Pals, nazis (Merkel, Tusk), faggots & liberals, an Icelandic volcano and the bride of Frankenstein...

  ... who will all get their comeuppance now, that the wise Polish nation (or at least the Piss-voting 19% of it) elected Kaczka yet again on 10-25-15. Great news for visiting White Gods Westerners : expensive dollar, cheap whores, populace willing to do anything for exit visa and a chance to hear this.





































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